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Live foods Workshop

Discover how to make delicious, healthy raw food recipes.


Type II Diabetes Is A Choice

 “In Type II Diabetes Is A Choice” workshop you will discover how to reverse type II diabetes.


Growing Healthy Cultures Workshop

This workshop will help you to discover how to make delicious healthy variations of probiotics at home.


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High Octane Go Juice

Coffee plays a large and extremely powerful role in the lives of millions of people. It is a comfort and a ritual in the morning for legions of workers, and its vast collection of affectionate nicknames is a testament to the favorable eye and fond heart with which it is viewed. From the simple but familiar sounding “cup of Joe”, to the more exotic and dramatic “morning thunder” or “liquid gold”, and even the more accurate “jitter juice”, it is clear that in the minds of the majority, coffee is an elixir and potion capable of injecting a certain desirable emotion and power into life that would otherwise be lacking.

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The cigarette is smoking…

For over a century, adults and children alike have been bombarded with images of slim, healthy people partaking in all sorts of wholesome and exciting activities while accompanied by the visually dramatic prop of a glowing, smoldering cigarette. Tobacco’s association with happiness, coolness, calmness, and mystique is deeply embedded in the psyche of anyone who has watched above a minimal amount of film and television, or who has read popular magazines.

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Disordered Eating Pattern – Going From Stuck To Unstoppable

The act of eating and nourishing ourselves would seem, on an intuitive level, something that should come naturally and easily to every creature, including human beings. After all, every organ in our body operates independently of conscious action or direction, and the processes of breathing, blinking, coughing, sneezing, going to the bathroom, and stretching ourselves out after a long day of sitting or standing all seem to come automatically. Unfortunately, many are not so fortunate where nourishment is concerned.

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